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On average, more than 80,000 people are charged with federal crimes each year and less than 2 percent of them go to trial. Federal conspiracy charges make up a large percentage of these cases. Federal crimes have strict regulations and hefty punishments. You will absolutely want to work with an experienced Toledo conspiracy lawyer like the expert criminal defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates.

Winning a federal case via a trial can be an incredibly difficult task for any lawyer. That’s why you must work with the best federal defense attorneys in the state. We are proud to call ourselves the best in Ohio with more than thirty years of experience and more than 200 cases going to trial.

If you’ve recently been charged with federal conspiracy, then we are here to help. Pick up the phone and call 419-737-4556 for a free case consultation.

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What Is Federal Conspiracy?

Conspiracy charges are very broad and are among the most common federal charges that we encounter. Conspiracy occurs when two or more people join together and conspire to commit a crime. There is no requirement that the conspiracy is successful, which significantly reduces the burden of proof on the prosecution.

Conspiracy charges can be applied at a state level for all types of crimes, but conspiring to commit a federal crime results in a federal conspiracy charge.

What Are Some Examples of Federal Conspiracy?

Federal conspiracy charges are extremely common. Prosecutors often use them as a tool to easily charge multiple parties with the same crime. The conspiracy can relate to nearly every federal crime imaginable. However, some types of federal conspiracy charges are far more common than others.

Here are some prime examples:

  • Conspiracy to Possess With Drugs Intent to Distribute
  • Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance (Drug Trafficking)
  • Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder

I Have Been Charged in a Federal Conspiracy Case, What Should I Do?

Your first step should be to call 419-737-4556 and speak to one of our experienced federal conspiracy defense attorneys. Beating a serious charge like conspiracy without the assistance of a trained defense attorney is virtually impossible. The number of cases that make it to trial and win is already very small. Any chance of reducing or eliminating the charges will rely heavily on the work of your legal team.

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What Laws Apply in a Federal Conspiracy Case?

There are many different statutes that relate specifically to conspiracy charges, what they entail, and the appropriate punishments. Many of them are found in Title 18 of the United States Code.

One of the most commonly cited statutes is 18 U.S. Code 371 “Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States”. This statute outlines specific federal crimes, such as defrauding the United States, as well as conspiracy to commit misdemeanor crimes and the necessary punishment.

What Are the Penalties for Federal Conspiracy?

The penalties will vary according to the specifics of the crime at the center of the conspiracy. Federal conspiracy crimes against the United States outlined in 18 U.S. Code 371 carry a maximum prison sentence of 5 years. Conspiracies to commit misdemeanors in the same section carry a punishment equivalent to the misdemeanor itself.

The court may also decide to charge a fine in addition to a prison sentence. Many other conspiracy charges, such as conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, also carry a punishment that is equivalent to the base crime.

What Rights Do you Have if You Have Been Charged With Federal Conspiracy?

Two of your most important rights are your right to stay silent and your right to an attorney. We advise that you verbally exercise both of these rights as soon as possible. You cannot be forced to answer questions and potentially incriminate yourself. Utilize that right to remain silent and then contact an experienced federal conspiracy attorney for further assistance.

The Toledo Conspiracy Lawyers at Patituce & Associates Are Here to Help

A federal conspiracy charge can be daunting but it can also be beaten. However, it will require hard work from a professional attorney experienced in both local and federal regulations. The lawyers here at Patituce & Associates are well-versed in state and federal statutes and know exactly what it takes to beat a case like this. It’s up to you to take the first steps and contact us.

Call us today at 419-737-4556 if you’re interested in a free case evaluation.

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