DUI Checkpoints in Toledo

It is not uncommon for motorists to pass through DUI checkpoints in Toledo and face a DUI charge. If you drink and go beyond the BAC limit in Ohio, chances are you will face drunk driving charges. So what are your options?

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What Happens at a DUI Checkpoint?

First, the authorities will conduct field sobriety tests to determine whether you are intoxicated and if a breath, urine, or blood test is required for precise results. Most drivers take the field sobriety tests, and when they realize they’re under the influence, they refuse to do the breath test thinking that the prosecutor won’t have enough evidence to convict them.

When you don’t do the field sobriety test, you will be charged with a refusal and the prosecutor will find it challenging to prove a DUI. That’s because field sobriety tests show that you were intoxicated while the breathalyzer test reveals that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit.

What Should You Do at DUI Checkpoints in Toledo?

When you have been arrested at a DUI checkpoint, thoughts about the repercussions and what you should have done certainly race through your mind. Unfortunately, most motorists don’t know that they can avoid these checkpoints and refuse to take both the sobriety test and breathalyzer test.

Under Ohio’s implied consent law, your license will be suspended if your refuse to take the breathalyzer test. But refusing to take the field sobriety tests or the breathalyzer test will make it harder for the prosecutor to convict you of driving under the influence.

You’re required to identify yourself but are not obligated to reveal where you were from and your destination. In addition, it is not advisable to reveal how much you’ve had to drink. Protect your rights by calling a drunk driving lawyer as soon as possible.

What Questions Should You Ask About the DUI Checkpoint?

You should keep the following questions in mind. Arguing the checkpoint was unlawful may be a valid DUI defense strategy in your case.

Were There Proper Signs? Was the Checkpoint Correctly Advertised?

DUI checkpoints are basically law enforcement intervening without probable cause, stopping motorists, and searching them. As such, courts tend to be skeptical when a lawyer raises a solid challenge regarding a DUI checkpoint.

There are many ways to challenge a checkpoint and an experienced lawyer will suggest the best approach for your case.

DUI Checkpoints in Toledo Concept Image, DUI Checkpoints Ahead Sign

Can They Prove it’s a High DUI Zone?

One of the primary things that the prosecutor needs to show is that the spot the authorities set up the checkpoint was an area with high DUI arrests. The authorities just can’t pick a random area to stop motorists and need to follow stringent steps before they begin arresting citizens.

What Should You Do at the Checkpoint?

It is important to treat the authorities with respect. However, you are not obligated to comply with them. While you’re required to identify yourself, you don’t need to reveal information about where you were or how much you had to drink.

Can the Authorities Stop You for Avoiding a DUI Checkpoint?

When some individuals see a DUI checkpoint and are under the influence, they turn around to avoid confrontation. The manner in which you avoid a DUI checkpoint determines whether the police can lawfully arrest you.

If you turn before reaching the checkpoint in a sober and normal way, the authorities will have no basis to stop you. However, if you try to flee the checkpoint after entering, the police may have a basis to stop you. The same applies if you violate a traffic law while trying to leave the checkpoint.

If you turned before reaching the checkpoint and followed all traffic rules, a subsequent stop may be uncalled for. If you’re facing charges after trying to avoid a DUI checkpoint, it is advisable to hire a seasoned Toledo criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights.

Hire the Best Drunk Driving Lawyers in Toledo, OH!

The team at Patituce & Associates knows how inconvenient DUI charges can be. Even being charged with a DUI for the first time can have heavy penalties including license suspension. If you have been pulled over or stopped at a DUI checkpoint, ensure you protect your rights by hiring the right drunk driving lawyer.

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