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If you have recently been charged with menacing, you might be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. You could be feeling everything from shame to fear to anger. The best way to approach a charge of menacing or stalking is to seek the help of an experienced Toledo menacing crimes lawyer and have them represent your case.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know that some menacing cases involve untrue accusations, and many are just a product of dissatisfaction from unhealthy relationships and/or unfair treatment.

Most menacing offenses are treated as misdemeanors. But when a person acts upon the threat, then they can be charged with assault, which is a violent crime.

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What Is a Menacing Crime?

Under Ohio law, menacing is defined as knowingly causing another person(s) to believe that you will cause physical harm to the person, their loved ones, their property, or their unborn child.

This belief of physical harm is primarily based on the conduct or words of the offender. The threat doesn’t have to involve “serious” physical harm.

Menacing is a charge that applies to a wide range of circumstances, including alleged stalking.

What Are the Different Charges Associated with Menacing Crimes in Ohio?

Being charged with menacing crimes means that you are being accused of having threatened another person, their immediate members of the family, or their property with physical harm.

There are three main charges associated with menacing crimes.

  • Menacing
  • Menacing by stalking
  • Aggravated menacing

Menacing is punishable by 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

What Is the Aggravated Menacing Law in Ohio?

Aggravated menacing happens when an offender knowingly causes another person to believe that they will cause serious physical harm to the said person, their immediate family or loved ones, or their property.

Aggravated menacing usually includes a strong belief that the plaintiff (victim) is under threat of physical harm along with the belief that the accused can and will exert serious physical harm.

For the other person to “believe” that the offender will cause “serious physical harm,” Ohio law generally requires the defendant to have some form of weapon, be it a knife, gun, or any other object that could be used to cause serious physical harm to a person.

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What Are the Penalties for Aggravated Menacing in Ohio?

Aggravated menacing is categorized as a first-degree misdemeanor. This means that the possible penalties for aggravated menacing include serving a jail term not exceeding 180 days, a fine not exceeding $1,000, and a maximum term of 5 years on probation (community control).

In case the victim is an employee of a public children’s services agency, and the offense relates to their performance of their official tasks, the potential penalties, and offense level will likely be enhanced.

If the victim is a family member, an aggravated menacing charge could be accompanied by a domestic violence charge.

What Is Menacing By Stalking?

Ohio law stipulates that no person should knowingly cause another person to believe that they will cause harm to the victim or their loved ones by engaging in a pattern of conduct.

Menacing by stalking usually involves the offender engaging in a discernible pattern of conduct that causes the plaintiff to believe the defender will exert physical harm or the behavior causes mental distress to the victim.

The crime is normally charged as a first-degree misdemeanor. However, it can be charged as a fourth- or fifth-degree felony where the offender is found to have trespassed, violated a protection order, or has had a history of violence towards the victim.

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