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If you wish to apply for clemency, Patituce & Associates is here to help you navigate every step of the process. Our Toledo clemency attorneys have over 70 years of collective experience and have in-depth knowledge of this type of post-conviction relief.

Whether you are seeking a pardon, commutation, or reprieve, we can help you successfully complete and submit the required forms for relief.

Our legal team can also help you prepare and present your case for a Parole Board hearing. Regardless of your particular situation, we are committed to fighting to protect your rights and freedom.

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Understanding Clemency in Toledo

In general terms, clemency is an act of mercy or leniency in which the penalties for a particular crime are reduced. Both the U.S. President and Ohio’s Governor have the power to grant forgiveness for a criminal offense.

In state cases, the Ohio Parole Board reviews all applications for clemency, but the final decision is given by the Governor.

Similarly, an Office of Pardon Attorney from the Department of Justice processes clemency applications at the federal level, and the President decides whether or not to approve them.

If you have any questions regarding clemency, call our experienced Toledo clemency attorneys today and schedule a free consultation.

What Are the Three Types of Clemency?


When the state or federal government decides to relieve a person of some or all of the sentencing resulting from a conviction, that individual has been pardoned.

Under this form of clemency, forgiveness is granted on the basis of wrongful conviction or when the punishment was not suitable for the crime committed. A pardon does not remove the offense from the person’s criminal record, nor does it restore rights.


A commutation is a reduction of a sentence. It comes into play when it is determined that the defendant was given a penalty that was too harsh.

For example, a person who was given the death penalty may get the sentencing reduced to life in prison through a commutation.

A Toledo clemency attorney and a prisoner discussing pardons


A reprieve is a temporary postponement of punishment while the case is analyzed further or to give the convicted individual time to seek another type of post-conviction relief.

It is often given in cases where more information is needed to determine the appropriateness of a particular sentence.

Can I Apply for Clemency?

If you have been convicted of a crime in Ohio, you have the right to immediately apply for clemency. You will need to determine which form of clemency you should file for, whether pardon, commutation, or reprieve, and submit an application to the Adult Parole Authority.

Those who have previously applied and been rejected must wait two years prior to filing again. If you have any questions about clemency, get in touch with our Toledo clemency attorneys today and schedule your free consultation.

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Being convicted of a crime can have serious ramifications on your life. Do not miss out on your opportunity to file for clemency. Our legal team at Patituce & Associates is here to review your situation and help you file for the right form of relief.

We can ensure that all your forms and documents get filled out and submitted correctly to prevent your application from being rejected because of an error – it does happen.

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