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Are you feeling overwhelmed after receiving a notice of an investigation from the Accountancy Board of Ohio? You may be worried about getting a license suspension or disciplinary action thereby losing your livelihood.

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How Are Accounting License Complaints Field in Ohio?

If someone has a complaint against you or your firm which is licensed by the Accountancy Board of Ohio, they will submit the complaint in writing to the Board. The complaint will include details of the allegation and provide relevant supporting documents. The Board allows people to submit complaints anonymously, so you may not have an idea who lodged the complaint against you.

How Are Accounting License Complaints Handled in Ohio?

Once the Board receives the complaint, they will determine whether or not they have jurisdiction over you or your accounting firm. Note that, if there is a criminal or civil case about the same complaint, the board will use the results to determine whether you will be disciplined.

If the board has jurisdiction over you and your firm, they will outline the investigation process and discipline. The process begins with you receiving a letter from the Board or one of the investigators visiting your premises. During this process, a lot of information will be gathered and properly evaluated to determine whether they should initiate disciplinary action.

Disciplinary actions will go through a formal public hearing during a regular by the Accountancy Board of Ohio. The case will be heard directly by the Board, which will determine if you will face disciplinary action.

What Are the Common Allegations of Misconduct?

Some of the reasons why you or your firm may be reported to the Accountancy Board in Ohio include the following.


A complaint could accuse you of engaging in conduct that shows that you don’t have the ability to carry out any accounting services competently. This is especially likely if you make costly mistakes that may have negative consequences for your clients.

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Hiring or Working With Someone Whose License Was Suspended or Revoked

If you have hired or have a professional relationship with someone whose accounting license was previously suspended or revoked, one of your clients may file a complaint against you. This is against the law since someone who has had their license revoked or suspended should be practicing.

You are obligated to reveal the licensing status of your firm and any individual working in your firm, especially those who are associated with handling financial statements.

Practicing Without a License

It is illegal to misuse a CPA title or run an unlicensed accounting practice while pretending to be licensed. You can face discipline for continuing to practice if you have not renewed your accounting license.

False Advertising

Accountants can be disciplined for using solicitation or advertising in a deceptive, false, or misleading manner or in ways that promote unsupported claims when offering accounting services.

Failing to Cooperate With Investigators

When the investigators from the Accountancy Board of Ohio request information from your firm, you can face discipline if you fail to provide it.

Fraudulently Charging Fees

Fraudulently charging fees or helping with the collection of fraudulent fees from potential or existing clients is a very serious matter that can cost you your license.

 Falsifying Documents

Deliberately falsifying documents related to your accounting practice can lead to the loss of your license as well as criminal charges.

If a complaint has been raised about you or your accounting firm regarding any of the issues mentioned above, let us help you. At Patituce & Associates, we are a leading firm with the best Toledo accounting license defense lawyers ready to help out with your case. Call us now and work with the best.

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Note that, if there is a complaint against you and your accounting firm in Toledo, OH, the Accountancy Board will follow their own rules and policies when it comes to disciplinary actions. You need to work with the best attorneys at Patituce & Associates to defend your license.

If you hire us today, we can advocate for the protection of your rights during the disciplinary process. We will also communicate with the Board to help avoid any misunderstandings and meet any important deadlines set by the Board. We will do everything possible to convince the board to drop the investigation or drop disciplinary action by providing the relevant evidence for your case.

If the board does not drop the disciplinary action, we will strive to negotiate a resolution that allows you to keep your license and avoid harsh penalties. If there is a formal hearing in your case, we will also represent you.

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