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Are you at risk of having your nursing license temporarily or permanently suspended? Are you wondering if there is a legal ground to prevent this action? If you are a nurse in Toledo, Ohio and are looking for the best professional license defense lawyer for your case, we are here to help you.

At Patituce & Associates, our Toledo nursing license defense attorneys are ready to provide any relevant evidence to ensure that you keep your job and avoid further consequences. Call us now at 419-737-4556 and let us start working on your case immediately.

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What Type of Cases Do Our Nursing License Defense Lawyers Handle?

We are ready to help you with your legal defense if you have any of the following types of cases.

Nursing License Suspension

Your nursing license may be suspended in Toledo, OH for various reasons that include:

Therefore, if you have been given a warning for your nursing license suspension for any of these issues, let us provide the best legal defense to provide serious consequences. We can find the relevant evidence for your case to make sure that you continue with your job without further consequences.

Drug Diversion

Have you been accused of drug diversion in your place of work? If you have knowingly or unknowingly transferred legally prescribed medication from the intended user to another thereby resulting in legal issues with your nursing license, we are here to help.

We will delve further into the reasons behind your action and find a justifiable way to make sure you don’t lose your job over it.

Failing a Drug Test

As a nurse, you may be going through a lot in your life resulting in the use of illegal drugs. Therefore, if you have tested positive for drugs after a drug test, we are here to represent you. We will help you get the assistance you need to avoid further legal issues with your case.


Have you been charged with a DUI? Were you accused of drugged driving or caught behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated? Well, we can represent you to make sure you don’t lose your job or livelihood if it was a simple mistake. Let us help you get your life back together.

Criminal Conviction

If you have been charged with a crime, we can represent you. Our job involves looking for the most relevant evidence for your case to guarantee the best outcome. Call us now and let us represent you in any legal hearings.

A Worried Nurse Who Needs a Toledo Nursing License Defense Attorney

What Is the Ohio Board of Nursing Investigation & Hearing Process?

Depending on the issue at hand, the Ohio Board of Nursing will follow a specific procedure to make sure your case is properly investigated, analyzed, and judged. Well, the board starts by gathering all the relevant information about the case through a proper investigation.

During this process, there will be an interview and a statement from the nurse in question. Next, if they decide to close the case, they may offer the nurse in question a consent agreement or decide to leave the case to the disciplinary process. If your license is under review, it’s a good idea to seek legal counsel and we are here to help.

At Patituce & Associates, we are ready to help you with your case, if you have to appear before the Ohio Board. Our job is to make sure that every piece of evidence of your case is heard and that you receive a fair process during the investigation process.

We have worked on numerous cases over the years and we understand the process. Therefore, we will guide you through the entire process to ensure the best outcome. Call us now and talk to the best Toledo nursing license defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates. We are here to help.

Other Issues Related to Nursing Licenses We Help With

Besides nursing license review cases in Toledo, Ohio, we help with other issues around the clock. These include the following.

If you have been having issues getting your nursing license, we are here to help. We can help you avoid the bureaucracy and get your nursing license as fast as possible to ensure that you can start working with your patients immediately.

Also, we help with reporting convictions from another state if you have been working in a previous state before moving to Ohio.

Call Our Experienced Toledo Nursing License Defense Attorneys!

As a nurse, your job may come with some hurdles that you need to go through to offer the best services. However, if your license is under review, let us help you. If you have been caught under any of the circumstances mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your license will be suspended.

If you hire Patituce & Associates, we will fight to ensure that you receive the best outcome from any case against your nursing license in Toledo, Ohio. Call us at 419-737-4556 for a free consultation.

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