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If you are facing accusations or disciplinary actions from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, our Toledo pharmacist license lawyers can help you protect your license and career. Patituce & Associates has represented many licensed professionals in Ohio, including pharmacists.

We understand that most pharmacists are highly dedicated to their careers, and many have put in a significant amount of effort and work to gain an understanding of patients with medication prescriptions. A threat to your license is a threat to your livelihood.

The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy can impose sanctions on pharmacists, including license suspension and revocation. If you are facing allegations, call our professional license defense attorneys at 419-737-4556 today for a free consultation.

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Common Accusations We Defend Pharmacists From

The first thing that needs assessing would be the accusation. This is the way you will gain an understanding of what is actually going on as well as how it needs to be understood when it comes to your situation. You need to know about the accusation in order to ensure you take the right steps.

Some of the accusations that can put your pharmacist license at risk include:

  • Fraud or overpayment
  • Drug diversion and other drug offenses
  • Prior criminal charges
  • Irregular prescription filling
  • Administrative grievances
  • Audits and inspections by the DEA
  • Impairment problems or DUI

As you may have noticed, this list is pretty extensive, which is why you will need professional legal counsel on your side. This is what you can achieve with the assistance of a Toledo pharmacist license defense lawyer. Our lawyers know exactly how to handle these accusations, and the right way to defend your rights.

The Board of Pharmacy Complaint and Investigation Process

These processes are extremely meticulous since the goal of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy is to go through each of the details with a fine tooth comb. They will investigate the situation thoroughly, assess all the details, and then decide on your involvement during this process. This is when you need experienced legal counsel on your side.

In most cases, the process starts with an accusation or complaint. This will refer to one or more specific issues that have arisen that relate to your pharmacist role. It is at this stage that you should contact Patituce & Associates. We can go through each detail and then work out the next step to take.

Once the process gets underway, an investigation will be conducted by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. This involves going through every detail of your case along with the accusation that was made.

It is a good idea to have a pharmacist’s license lawyer at this stage, to present you. If you want more information on how our law firm can assist you, do not hesitate to call us at 419-737-4556.

a Stressed Pharmacist Who Needs a Toledo Pharmacist License Lawyer

Administrative Hearings Before the Board of Pharmacy in Ohio

The hearing is held by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and is the primary part of these legal processes. They will have already conducted their investigation, so the hearing will involve interviewing you to put the remainder of your case together.

These hearings are generally meticulous, but you will be given enough time to argue your case. Your Toledo pharmacist license lawyer will work on an effective legal strategy that will work in Ohio.

Revocation or Suspension of Pharmacist License

There are consequences you need to be aware of when it comes to an accusation. You may have your license questioned by the board, and they can decide to suspend or revoke your license if they decide you are no longer fit for this profession because of your transgression.

With this in mind, there are two issues that might arise. The first might involve the complete revocation or removal of your pharmacist license. This will mean you will no longer be able to carry on practicing in the role of a pharmacist in Ohio.

The second involves suspending your license for a set time frame based on your defense and the transgression. The suspension will be decided on by the board members. The Board of Pharmacy also maintains online records of all disciplinary actions taken against pharmacists. This means these actions will result in lasting impacts when it comes to your reputation.

Call Our Toledo Pharmacist License Lawyers Now!

If you have discovered that an accusation was made against you by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, Patituce & Associates are here to defend you. Our team is made up of experienced, tough, and effective law practitioners that have an intricate understanding of Board investigations.

We will work hard to find a solution to your legal problem because we know your pharmacist license and career depend on it. Call our Toledo offices today at 419-737-4556, or contact us online.

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