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Public indecency charges in Ohio cover the spectrum from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. There is a variety of contributing factors that can influence the severity of the charge and the subsequent punishment. Our lawyers can help disprove the charges or mitigate additional circumstances so that your charges remain on the minor end of the spectrum.

At Patituce & Associations, we have taken hundreds of criminal cases to trial. We have more than three decades worth of experience helping residents in Ohio and the surrounding states. We are very familiar with local regulations and how the prosecuting team handles sex crime cases.

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What Is Considered Public Indecency in Ohio?

In general, a public indecency charge involves displaying nudity or engaging in some form of sexual conduct in a public space. This could include intentionally exposing sexual organs, masturbating, or performing an act that emulates masturbation or sex in public.

The severity of these charges depends on the specific act being committed, the location where it was committed, whether it was intentional or reckless, and your criminal history.

What Are the Penalties for Public Indecency in Ohio?

Public indecency charges in Ohio will typically fall into one of three categories. The least severe of these charges is a fourth-degree misdemeanor. The more serious public indecency charges are classified as fifth-degree felonies. Punishments for these crimes can include a period of incarceration, a hefty fine, and registration as a sex offender.

Reckless Exposure of Private Parts in a Public Place

This is the least severe of the three categories. If you have no similar charges on your record, then this will be classified as a fourth-degree misdemeanor. The maximum amount of jail time available for this crime is 30 days. It can also include a fine of up to $150.

There are a few additional factors that can influence the severity of this crime. Reckless exposure of private parts can be graded as a fifth-degree felony with a prison sentence of up to 1 year.

If you have a previous record of public indecency charges then the severity of the crime will increase. With only one previous conviction, the charge is increased to a third-degree misdemeanor with a 60-day jail sentence. Three past convictions will increase it to a first-degree misdemeanor and the maximum sentence will increase to 180 days.

Another important factor is whether the exposure was visible or likely visible to minors. If it was likely visible to minors, then it can increase to a second-degree misdemeanor with a 90-day sentence. If it was proven to be seen by minors, then it can be increased to a fifth-degree felony with a prison sentence between 6 and 12 months.

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Recklessly Engaging in Masturbation or Sexual Conduct in Public

These charges are slightly more serious and begin as a third-degree misdemeanor with a maximum jail sentence of 60 days. Similar to the previous charges, the severity will increase depending on your criminal history and whether the act was visible to minors.

If it was visible to minors, then it will be classified as a fifth-degree felony. Having multiple convictions can also cause the charge to become a fifth-degree felony.

Knowingly Exposing Yourself in Public

These charges are considered the most severe at the basic level. Unlike reckless exposure, these charges require that you were knowingly exposing yourself for sexual gratification. Intentional exposure in public is considered a first-degree misdemeanor with a potential jail sentence of 180 days.

However, if you have past convictions or the exposure involved a minor, then the charges can be increased to a fifth-degree felony.

How Can Patituce & Associates Help With a Public Indecency Case?

Public indecency charges can have a lasting effect on your life long after the prison sentence has ended. A professional legal team can fight for reduced charges or potentially have the charges dismissed entirely. We work tirelessly to gather evidence, speak to witnesses, negotiate with prosecutors, and build the best possible legal defense.

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Every American has a right to a professional legal defense when they are charged with a crime. At Patituce & Associates, we want to help ensure that Ohio residents aren’t wrongfully convicted of serious crimes. Our experience on both sides of the courtroom helps us understand how the prosecution works and how to best defend our clients.

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