Client Testimonials

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“Patituce & Associates has been the best experience I have had with a law firm. I am happy with my settlement and the fact that they were able to get me released in just a few days - that is what I am most excited about. They are caring and listen every step of the way.” Wendell Jones
If you're in trouble, you need Joseph Patituce Because of my stupidity I found myself facing charges for theft. by all accounts, this one mistake could have been the end of my career...thank god I hired Joseph Patituce. when I was sick with worry it was Mr. Patituce who spent time with me to answer all my questions and explain our strategy going forward. every phone call I made was promptly returned and I never felt I was bothering him with my concerns. This morning we went to court and all I can say is that Mr. Patituce was nothing short of amazing. He fought for me and I walked out with a result I never thought possible. If you're looking for someone who knows the law and will fight hard for you, you cannot do any better than Joseph Patituce. Former Client - cleveland, OH
Saved Me From Federal Charges I was involved in a situation that went like this: my boyfriend did something horrible, convinced me to help him by depositing some money, and the next thing I know I am potentially a target in a federal case! I called a number of attorneys who all wanted to talk about how great they were and how much trouble I was in. I already knew that I was in trouble and did not need to keep hearing it. Mr. Patituce cared more about hearing from me and asked me specific questions that showed me he knew what he was doing, unlike those attorneys paying for advertising he was a legitimate expert. Thanks to him I have put this all behind me. Elizabeth
Mr. Patituce & His Team Helped Me Avoid a DUI Conviction Mr. Patituce and his team helped me put a mistake behind me. I had met some friends for dinner and left after a couple of drinks. I did not realize that I had more than I should until I got on the road. I was stopped, literally, a block from my house. I could see my driveway! I did not do my research before hiring Mr. Patituce and actually had hired someone else. This other attorney told me that I had no choice, and no hope, of seeing any type of reduction. As a nurse I could not afford a DUI unless there was really no choice. Mr. Patituce took the time to talk to me even though he was out of the office and with his family. Everything we discussed came true – he looked at the evidence, was able to identify errors that the trooper made, and argued to the prosecutor that the case should be reduced. Mr. Patituce cost more than my first attorney, but it was money well spent. The only mistake I made (aside from drinking too much) was not hiring Mr. Patituce in the first place. He and his teamed saved my career. Jorge L.
I cannot say enough how grateful we are. I realize that you are doing your job. But. I cannot say enough how grateful we are to you for your understanding, your on-the-ball-ness, your knowledge, and your support. This is an extremely tough time for us, and being able to depend on your excellence is invaluable. THANK YOU, Lennea-we heart you! Donna S.
Yesterday I saw excellence! I really want to send a heartfelt thanks to you both for everything you've done for me over the past 15 months. There have been times when I was scared, confused, unsure and doubtful but you helped me through all of it and I was able to put a lot of things behind me because of your hard work and diligence. For the countless hours of preparation, mediations, planning, scanning, etc.; I cannot say thank you enough. Yesterday I saw excellence, when you asked the right questions at the right time and picked battles wisely. Now I get a chance to hit the reset button on my life and I couldn't be more elated! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! K.H.
Bottom Line: Joe Gets Results Joe is an honest and knowledgeable attorney. He handled a very sensitive matter for me in a way that made me feel comfortable and I knew that I could trust him. His associates were very knowledgeable and compassionate as well. I appreciate that he did not speculate on the future of my case, rather stuck to the facts and focused on doing his best to help me. In the end, I could not be more grateful for the job that Joe and his firm did for me. Highly recommended! Daniel
Excellent Lawyer Who Saved Us I was accused of a felonious assault. Mr. Patituce stood up to the prosecutors who told us that someone had to take a felony. When the prosecutors tried to bully Mr. Patituce around he pushed back and caught them in their lies. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on ALL charges and found that Mr. Patituce proved self defense. This case drew national media attention and was very stressful, we could have not done it without our attorney. C.A.
Worked Tirelessly in My Defense Joe Patituce and his team worked tirelessly in my defense. Joe answered all of my questions – and there were many – in a timely manner, many within minutes. Joe was able to find errors in the prosecution’s evidence and get my case plead down significantly. If you need a strong defense, hire Joe Patituce. Dan
He Did What No One Else Could Do - He Won. I Went Through Three Lawyers Before I Hired Joe As My Criminal Defense Attorney. The First Three Said I Had No Shot At Winning. Joe Said I Could. He Did What No One Else Could Do - He Won. Michael L.
Best Choice I Could Have Made!!! As a Canadian citizen I was horrified when I faced federal charges. I called my family attorney to see if he could help but he did not practice in the area. He recommended me to Joe Patituce and his law firm. I found them to be highly organized, highly skilled, and caring about my case. Unlike a lot of people who often complain about being setup, or the cops just picking on them, I was in the wrong. Joe helped find a unique solution that was acceptable to the district attorney and the judge – this allowed me to continue to travel for business without worry that I would get stopped at the border. Joshua
Saved Me From Spending 200+ Months in Federal Prison I was charged with a federal offense that started with a mandatory minimum of five years in federal prison but really called for a sentence of over 200 months. My first attorney tried to get me to take a plea that would have sent me to prison for a period of 151 to 180 months. I wish I had done my research first. Joe saved my life. He cost more than my first attorney but that was money well spent. He knew what he was doing, his team was effective. Any time I called Joe with a question I got a call back within an hour… even on the weekends. I highly recommend him, he saved my life R.Z.
We Owe Him Everything I hired Mr. Patituce to defend me on federal charges. I initially hired an attorney who talked a good game but in the end did nothing for me. Mr. Patituce took the case over, communicated with me, and aggressively defended me. He did not judge me, but instead protected me. In the end my case worked out great. I owe him everything, my family owes him everything. Shelly
My Charges Were Dismissed I retained the services of Patituce & Associates to defend me on a DUI charge in Medina, Ohio. At first I consulted with two other attorneys who both had offices in the city of Medina. I was told that I was more, or less, screwed. (Please excuse my language) I did some more research on who was considered the better, or best, attorneys that handle DUI cases in the Akron/Cleveland area. I spoke with Joe on a Sunday before my Tuesday court date. He did in fact say that the Judge typically has a policy of no reductions on DUI offenses but he did point out other cases where the DUI charge had been dismissed or suppressed based on the evidence. He did not speak negatively about other attorneys, but he did stress how complicated these cases can be – and fully litigating the matter takes considerable time and effort. I am thankful that he personally put the time and effort into my case. He was present at all of the important parts of my case – and personally handled the evidentiary hearing for me. He cross examined the police officer who arrested me so effectively that at the end of my case the prosecutor (not the judge) agreed to throw the DUI charge out if I agreed to pay a “no right turn” ticket. This was after Joe convinced the judge, earlier, to throw out the breath test. If I did not take the time to talk to Joe I would have been convicted of a DUI. I work in the area of pharmaceutical sales – I travel all across the country – with a DUI conviction on my record I would have been unemployable. Joe understood this, took my case seriously, and the case was dismissed in a court where they supposedly are not dismissed. T.H.