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Joseph C. Patituce is the founding attorney of Patituce & Associates: an Ohio criminal defense firm focusing heavily on criminal, DUI, and federal cases.  His reputation for excellence and aggressive representation is second only to the results that he has delivered for his clients.

Where some attorneys brag about their results, Joe can show you his.  He delivered the first complete acquittal in decades in a triple murder, in Ohio, in State v. Tevin Biles-Thomas.  He has delivered victories in the Ohio Supreme Court in State v. Hartman, a case where his client’s life sentence was reversed. He is widely seen as an expert on the issue of criminal defense and bail, often being interviewed by the media.  When the police are charged with crimes they hire him, such as State v. Zeiner where Patituce obtained a complete acquittal of all charges.

Joe began his career as an assistant prosecutor in Cuyahoga County handling cases ranging in complexity from simple drug possession all the way up to murder.  Joe gained a reputation as being a highly aggressive prosecutor who was not afraid to go up against, and beat, the best criminal defense attorneys in Cleveland.

Joe is one of a very small group of attorneys that can ethically call himself a criminal trial specialist having been certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  As of February 1, 2023 there are only nine specialists in the State of Ohio.  As a result of his training, skill, reputation, and experience Joe also takes on cases in federal courts in other states delivering for his clients.

Patituce & Associates has grown from a firm of one attorney to being one of the powerhouse criminal defense firms in all of Ohio.   The firm is well known for its aggressive but well-respected approach to every case it handles.  Courts, prosecutors, and the police are all aware that a client being represented by Joe and his team are not going to simply “plea out” as charged.

Joe devotes nearly half of his time defending clients in DUI/OVI cases, where he has had entire cases dismissed by the judge or thrown out by juries. He can thoroughly review your case to figure out if law enforcement officials violated your constitutional rights or if there are weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you—in order to build an effective and personalized defense strategy to obtain the best possible results.

Furthermore, Joe has helped clients facing serious criminal offenses—from homicide and other violent crimes to federal and white-collar crimes. He knows that every case is different and filled with unique obstacles, which is why he doesn’t treat his clients like just another case number.

Instead, he takes the time to investigate each case, collect supporting evidence, and develop a strong legal strategy. From start to finish, let Joe protect your rights, reputation, and future.

“The practice of criminal law is at the heart of what happens every day in our society. I started practicing criminal law as a way of helping people obtain justice for themselves and their families.”
Attorney Joseph C. Patituce