Megan M. Patituce

Partner/Former Prosecutor
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toledo criminal defense attorney megean patituce

Attorney Megan Patituce is a partner at Patituce & Associates. As a former Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, she has handled some of the most complex cases as a prosecutor, from homicide and other violent crimes to drug crimes and DUI.

Megan is in charge of the law firm’s day-to-day affairs and prepares nearly every DUI case for a suppression hearing and trial. Not only does she work side-by-side with other lawyers in our firm, but she also uses her knowledge of federal NHTSA standards to challenge police reports, as well as state and federal courts.

As a patent attorney, she uses her analytical background to provide a scientific perspective on criminal cases. For instance, the proper calibration of breath- or blood-testing device can be the key to a guilty or not-guilty verdict in DUI cases. When it comes to murder cases, DNA and fingerprints collected at the scene, as well as other types of evidence, must be analyzed to determine who committed the crime. Megan’s background gives her the ability to provide her clients with a strong and tailored legal defense.

Megan earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics at The Ohio State University. She then earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at Cleveland Marshall College.

“I understand that the outcome of your case will decide you and your family's future so I give 110% into each and every case I take on. I am a firm believer in winning and I pledge to work hard and never stop fighting the good cause.”
Megan Patituce