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Court Information & What We Do

Euclid Municipal Court serves the approximately 50,000 residents of Euclid. However, you don’t have to be a resident of Euclid to be called to court there. Anyone passing through the area is subject to enforcement by Euclid police for offenses ranging from traffic and DUI / OVI to misdemeanor criminal charges.

The fact is that cases that start off as local matters in municipal courts can be every bit as serious to you as a case heard in a higher section of Ohio’s judiciary. Having a record of a criminal conviction can lock you out of jobs and career paths even give you the experience of serving time in an Ohio jail. Don’t take a chance when you’re charged with a crime. Hire the best attorneys available to fight back against the charges you’re facing.

Attorneys at our Beachwood and Downtown Cleveland locations are available and ready to talk to you to help build a strong defense to fight your criminal charges. At Patituce & Associates, we are former prosecutors who are among the most experienced trial litigators you’ll find in Northeast Ohio. When you hire us, the prosecuting attorney handling your case knows that you are serious, and that their job just got a lot harder.

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout Northeast Ohio’s Mayor’s and Municipal Courts who are currently facing a variety of criminal charges.

Euclid Municipal Court Information

  • Types of Cases Heard
  • Civil
  • Small claims
  • Traffic
  • DUI / OVI
  • Misdemeanor
  • Criminal

Our Defense Lawyers Can Fight for You in Euclid Municipal Court

  • Will you lose your job if you’re charged with a crime?
  • What about how your family will react?
  • Will you have to go to jail?

As criminal defense attorneys, we are extremely familiar with the concerns, fears, and even sense of trauma that people face after being or arrested in connection to a criminal matter. Our team knows that your first priority is understanding what you’re up against, and how you’re supposed to handle the charges against you.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the fastest way to find your feet when you’re dealing with a matter before a judge in the Euclid Municipal Court. You have to take every step possible to protect yourself from the worst consequences of a criminal conviction, which is where we come in. We evaluate your case with a 360-degree view of your options, considering every angle. If there is an opportunity to challenge the charges for dismissal or to win reduced charges, we go there. If a negotiated outcome can result in a penalty that you can live with, we work hard to make it happen. If your case needs to be fought hard in a courtroom to clear your name and let you move on with your life, we are tough litigators with an excellent track record of success for our clients.

When you or a loved one have been arrested for DUI/OVI, a misdemeanor, or unfairly cited for a traffic matter, we can help. We make all of our initial consultations free so that you can decide, with no obligation, whether we’re the right team to handle your matter. Call (419) 597-5849!