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Toledo Criminal Usury Defense Lawyer

Criminal usury is defined as being caught with usurious loans or records of extortionate credit. These allegations are often just a single component of larger cases that allege organize crime activity. If you have been accused, contact the Toledo criminal ursery defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates to speak with proven criminal defense counsel.

At Patituce & Associates, our experienced team of Toledo criminal defense lawyers has more than 30 years of experience, navigated more than 200 trials, and consists of three former prosecutors. We know what is required of the state in these cases in order to secure a conviction and how to best counter these efforts both in and outside the courtroom.

What Are Ohio’s Usury Laws?

Toledo Criminal Usury Defense LawyerCriminal usury or the extortionate extension of credit (O.R.C. 2905.22), is the lending of money with the understanding that violent retribution may result if the borrower fails the pay the loan back. This often occurs in criminal organizations with the help of a bookkeeper (who can also be charged under this statute). Even if violence is not implied in the loan agreement, if it has an interest rate of 25% or more, it can still be considered criminal.

Ohio Criminal Usury Penalties

Penalties for criminal usury in Ohio include:

  • Criminal usury: up to 18 months in prison
  • Processing the records (bookkeeping): up to six months in jail

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Toledo Criminal Usury Defense Lawyer, Joseph C. Patituce

Cases that involve organized crime are often complex and multi-faceted. At Patituce & Associates, we’re well-versed in demanding criminal cases and have handled them from both sides of the courtroom. If you’ve been charged, we’re ready to make your rights and interests a priority throughout every stage of your case. Call our Toledo criminal usury attorneys at (419) 597-5849 today.

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